Red Letter Advisors Process

Every family has a unique set of goals and an individual vision of what success looks like. Regardless of the life phase you are currently in, we are confident our team can make a lasting impact on your future.

We design a comprehensive plan for each client family we engage. 

We call it the Family Engagement Journey 

Where does the journey start?
Value Awareness is the first step in the journey. Learning and understanding your family’s story, your rituals and the values that each individual member of the family holds dear is imperative to begin our conversation.

Where are we headed?
The next step is Vision Creation where we bring everyone together and create a unique path forward for your family. The family's collective vision is the driving force behind the future decisions your family will make, serving as a guide. It is considered frequently, and earnestly, and always in times of major decision-making.

What's our destination?
Mapping the Journey is a collective process where milestones and timelines are determined based on the priorities your family has set. The mapping process is both collaborative and independent with a goal of providing clarity to what milestones should be reached at which points along the family journey.

What’s our timeline? 
Each member of the family has their own distinct Journey Itinerary to supplement your family map. This provides the individualized information for each member’s unique goals and highlights each person’s unique abilities as singular contributors to achieving family milestones.

How does each family member contribute?
Legacy Partnership revolves heavily around philanthropic visioning and learning your family’s culture and aspirations when it comes to investing in causes that are meaningful to you. Determining what your family is passionate about, how those subjects are discussed within the family unit, and discovering how much or how little information is shared in regard to the family gifting aspirations are all important parts of these conversations. 
We also explore future family leadership and business succession planning.