Our commitment to you is that the service and expertise you receive from our team will be custom designed specifically to meet – or exceed – the unique objectives of you and your family. We are able to make and deliver on this promise by partnering with the most highly trained experts in a variety of fields offering world-renowned expertise for your specific needs.

Services Snapshot

Create a robust life focused on pursuits that align with individual family member’s unique purpose that results in the legacy of the family as a whole.


  • Creation of the family vision
  • Mapping of the family journey
  • Family video creation
  • Family governance "playbook" 
  • Private travel management
  • Strategic high impact philanthropy

Provide processes and experiences that leverage the strengths and differences of family members to realize their full potential.


  • Regular review of the family vision
  • Family coaching
  • Family retreats
  • Annual family "report card" 

Provide exclusive wealth management strategies.




Financial planning services provided by Keating Financial Advisory Services


  • Financial and document review
  • Legal and accounting work
  • Trust services
  • Wealth transfer techniques
  • Tax strategies
  • Succession planning